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Welcome to Green Smoke® South Africa
Green Smok offers quality electric cigarettes with disposable cartridges that produce the highest smoke volume in the industry. With a variety of flavours and nicotine levels, Green Smoke's® patented technology offers convenience and performance that is unmatched. Green Smoke® products are independently tested to ensure they meet our high quality standards. Green Smoking® is your best alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.
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Green Smoke® Customer Testimonials
Dwayne F Marais
South Africa

After having a very negative experience with another brand of electronic cigarette with so many things malfunctioning on the unit I was about to go back to conventional cigarettes when I managed to get an exchange for a Green Smoke unit. My bad experience was about to change drastically. For starters, the staff at Green Smoke had a far better understanding of their product and were far more accommodating and professional. After using the Green Smoke unit I found that it satisfied my smoking craves better than the competition due to a much larger vapour yield and a wider variety of strengths. It is definitely one of the few products I would swear by and recommend regarding quality and service.
I love this product so much, I drove  4 hours to buy it! I bought another e-cigarette from a competitor, and it was a piece of crap. Ever since I bought Green Smoke 3 weeks ago I LOVE it!
Fred S. Fleming
I first ordered an electric cigarette from Smoking E***. When it arrived the atomizer immediately malfunctioned. I had to ship it back and pay for them to mail me a new one. It still doesn't satisfy me. When I ordered an assortment of their flavoured nicotine cartridges at full strength, they sent me low and medium strength. Very dissatisfied I decided to look for another kind, yours, 2 days after I ordered it the package arrived (very timely, very nice). It works perfectly, I am so very satisfied with it and pleased with your product and my decision to give it a try. Thank you!
Tracy Clinger
Works as advertised and I feel satisfied without the need to smoke any "real" cigarettes. For me, this will work and will be the only thing that has worked! Smokes just right, no odours. Feels a bit heavy but this is a good solid feel, not bulky. Easy to use, charging is a breeze. What more can I say? I like it so much I am going to sell them!
Jim Fisher, NY
I’ve bought several units over the past couple of years, but the one I’m most happy with has this new two piece construction. Of all the vendors only Green Smoke seems to have this type of construction, and also has them regularly in stock – Greensmoke.
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* These testimonials are statements by customers who Green Smoke. Green Smoke® does not make any claims that this products helps a person quit smoking.  See below for our disclaimer.
 The Best Electronic Cigarette company On The Internet.
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The Green Smoke electric cigarette contains nicotine, which is highly addictive. It is not a medical device and makes no claims to help a person quit smoking. The Green Smoke electric cigarette is allowed to be used only by adults (minimum age 18 or 21 depending on individual's state laws). Like cigarettes, it is not FDA approved.
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